Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Call for Abstracts

Down Syndrome OPTIONs Conference

Understanding Trisomy 21 Emerging Science: 
Applications for Treatment 

Friday, September 11th – Saturday, September 12th 2015 

Arkansas Children’s Hospital Little Rock, Arkansas

Down Syndrome OPTIONs is partnering with researchers and clinicians at Arkansas Children’s Hospital to present new and relevant research supporting biomedical interventions that can improve the symptoms seen in those with Trisomy 21.

Day 1 of the conference is designed to support physicians and other professionals. Day 2 will focus on giving parents, advocates and caregivers more knowledge and better tools to help individuals with Trisomy 21. Both days of the conference will be open for parents and professionals to attend.

Speaker Sneak Peek: 
Dr. Allan Butterfield, University of Kentucky
Dr. Jill James, Arkansas Children's Hospital
Dr. Dana Crawford, Albany Medical College
Dr. Russell Jaffe, Fellow, Health Studies Collegium
Dr. Richard Frye, Arkansas Children's Hospital
Dr. Erica Pierson, Down Syndrome Treatment Center of Oregon
Dr. Norman Schwartz, Practitioner, Medical Director DS OPTIONs
Jane Winans, Advocate, Educator and Writer
Lydia Winans, Self Advocate
• Methylation/Epigenetics
• Oxidative Stress
• Pregnancy/Fetal Therapy
• Thyroid/Endocrine Function
• Immune Function
• CBS Over-expression
• Dyrk1a Over-expression
• Alzheimer’s Disease
• Neurogenesis
• Alternative Therapies
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