Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Down Syndrome Conference in Chicago May 21, 2015

We look forward to meeting up with you at the Down Syndrome OPTIONs booth!

Catch up on the latest research and learn tips to best care for your loved one with T21 from experts.

** Promote Better Speech ** Proper Thyroid Treatment ** Innovative Educational Tips ** Understand Methylation ** Zinc and DS Connection ** Anxiety and Adrenal Link ** Testing and Solutions for Digestive Issues **

Here are the in depth topics and expert speakers scheduled for the Down Syndrome Track in Chicago, Thursday, May 21, 2015:

Gemiini's Discrete Video Modeling for Down Syndrome -- Dramatic gains seen in research and in practice.
Laura Kasbar

Addressing the Hypothalamic/Pituitary/Adrenal Axis Using an Integrative Approach in DS

Thyroid and Biomedical Basics: Where to begin
Norman Schwartz, MD

Seven Essential Steps to Maximize Educational Potential in the Child with Down Syndrome
JoQueta Handy, MS, CCC-SLP

Redox and Methylation Status in Down Syndrome
Richard C. Deth, PhD

Healthy digestion = healthy microbiome: What to test, what tests mean, and what to do.
Russell Jaffe , MD, PhD

Pyroluria: Links to Down syndrome and autism
Erica Peirson, ND

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