Thursday, September 21, 2017

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September 2017
Conference Speakers, Presentations & Deadlines
Doctors, therapists, parents, educators, advocates, scientists, researchers and loved ones gathered during the 2016 Innovations Conference.
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Speakers and Topics
Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Inflammation/
Neuroinflammation in T21 and What to do About It
Norman Schwartz, MD

My Life
Lydia Winans, student and self-advocate

Risk Reduction for Leukemia in those with Down Syndrome
Laurette Janak

Brilliant Learning Tips for Students with T21
JoQueta Handy, PhD, SLP-CCC

Hope Unexpectedly Awaits in Sound: Tomatis Listening Therapy
Ellen Young, PhD, MA, RCTC

Application of Near-infrared LEDs to Improve Cognition ...and Improve Language... Can Photobiomodulation Strengthen Connections in the Default Mode Network?
Margaret A. Naeser, Ph.D

Cognitive Improvements with Alzheimer's Disease/Dementia
Using Low Level Light Therapy
Anita Saltmarche, PhD

Reflex Integration Using Low Level Light Therapy
Bonnie Brandes, M.Ed

Neuro-developmental Therapy and SOI (Structure of Intellect)
Intelligence Can Be Learned
Linda Kane, M.CND

Growth Hormone Deficiency in the T21 Population
Richard Levy, MD

The Science Behind Reducing Oxalate in those with Down Syndrome
Susan Costen Owens, BS, MAIS

Functional Nutrition Strategies for Enhancing Digestion
and Preventing Neurodegenerative Decline
Gail Clayton, R.Ph, MS, CNS

The Importance of the C Cleanse and
Use of Functional Predictive Biomarkers in T21
Russell Jaffe, MD, PhD

Sleep, Circadian and Stem Cell Renewal Factors
in the Learning Disability seen in those with Down Syndrome
Craig Heller, PhD
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