About Us

Increase awareness and educate parents and doctors on options for individuals with Down syndrome to help improve speech and learning as well as physical, emotional, social and intellectual growth and development. These options first, do no harm and second, look to epigenetic, neurological, biomedical, nutritional and environmental interventions which are supported by scientific information, clinical experience and parent observations.

Facilitate collaboration and networking for distribution of accurate information about integrative options for individuals with Down syndrome to families, government and professional agencies and non-profit organizations worldwide.

Dr. Norm Schwartz, Scientific Advisory Board

Integrative medicine specialist with over 40 years experience and an extensive background in treating complex chronic health problems.  Formerly medical director of Integrative Medicine for Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare in Milwaukee, WI, he is now in private practice helping individuals and families dealing with ADHD, autism, Down syndrome and neurodevelopmental disorders using biomedical avenues.

Andi Durkin, Executive Director and President

Creator of the blog, Down Syndrome: A Day to Day Guide, advocate, parent to thriving ten-year-old with Down syndrome and Asperger's. Writer, editor, and artist with a background in marketing and communication in both the corporate and nonprofit environment. Dedicated to educating interested parties about helpful options for loved ones with T21.

Linley Lyerly, Vice President

As a chemistry and biology teacher, Linley has a long standing love for science and scientific advancements.  Eleven years ago this passion was directed into interpreting and applying current research about Down syndrome, with the birth of her son with T21.  Her goal is to couple her love of science and education by helping other parents and those in the medical community, understand biomedical interventions for Down syndrome.

Leslie Brewer Boswell, Secretary

A thyroid health advocate and parent to a nine-year-old daughter living with Down syndrome. Through years of working for doctors as well as years of medical court reporting, she has gained a keen insight on understanding the system and breaking through to ensure the best medical care for her daughter.

Marsha Scheitlin, Treasurer

Mother of two sons including a teen with Down syndrome. She has Bachelor’s degree in accounting and a graduate degree in business. She is an RN and CPA in the state of Florida with a clinical and administrative background in healthcare as well as financial accounting experience with various publicly traded companies. Marsha has shifted her focus to not-for-profit accounting in order to give back to the community that has provided actionable options for her son and demonstrated the limitless potential for all children with Down syndrome.

Michelle Newbold, Fundraising

Loving mother to her young adult daughter with Down syndrome, Michelle is ever the advocate and cheerleader for the young adults in her area. She coordinates adventures and provides many active and engaging opportunities. Michelle's is open minded to alternative therapies and practices which have lead her to many helpful discoveries. Michelle's can-do attitude is inspiring!

Jane Winans, Co-founder & Parent Advisory Board 

Teacher, writer, public speaker, advocate, health zealot, and mother of three daughters, one who has Down syndrome. Jane’s search for health options began when her oldest child had chronic ear infections that were cured with cranial sacral osteopathy. That experience led to exploring all aspects of health and healing for over a decade. Jane is a pioneer in finding options to allow people with Down syndrome to reach their unique potential. She is passionate about the need for parent self-care and enthusiastically speaks on this topic.
Qadoshyah Fish, Advisory Board

When Q's brother was born with DS a decade ago, she embarked on a fact-finding mission that led her to creating the Got Down Syndrome Blog and to co-editing an over-500 page book called Down Syndrome What You CAN Do. Qadoshyah has inspired and educated caregivers from around the world and continues to learn and share her findings.

Maria Neumann, Parent Advisory Board

Mother of three sons and a daughter who was born with Down syndrome. Interested in learning about alternative therapies to autism, Down syndrome and many other children's issues.  BSE in Chemical Engineering and an avid reader of all subjects dealing with children.  Trained in some aspects of Masgatova method, breastfeeding proponent and wanna-be homeschooling mom.  Founder of local community Down syndrome support group and organizer for annual Southeast Idaho Buddy Walk for Down syndrome awareness.

Vaishnavi Sarathy, Parent Advisory Board

Ex-Water Chemist, current mother/autism-fighter, Vaishnavi a full time mother of a 5 year boy with Autism and T21 and of a neurotypical daughter. She is declaring war on low expectations and embracing a whole new world. See what she's up to at her blog The Vish List.

Rosalie Newell-Wagner, Parent Advisory Board

Mother to child with T21 and mild ASD, Rosalie is the President of the BC Down Syndrome Centre Society in British Columbia, Canada. Rosalie has had many years in the life insurance and financial planning business, as co-owner, manager and client adviser of a family owned practice. Rosalie is currently organizing a DS Conference Cruise. She shares our passion to educate caregivers (including herself) about all the great choices available for our children to flourish.

Taylor BeLow, Intern

Senior at Eastern Illinois University majoring in Public Relations.